REVIEW: PACIFICA Power of Love Natural Lipstick

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                          .07 oz $10.00                                   Recyclable Packaging & Tube itself

In this blog post I would like to share with my first impressions / review on new PACIFICA Power of Love Natural Lipstick.


The brand PACIFICA caught my eye because it is vegan and cruelty-free, which is always a great plus for a makeup brand! Also, I am quite positive (from my own experience) products of this kind of brands always work amazingly for me, do not irritate my skin, no allergy whatsoever, etc.

Let me start by saying that there is not a ginormous amount of shade options (only 5), but all of them are BEAUTIFUL and suit literally all skin tones :pacifica

Super Love
Nudie Red (my favorite <3), Sweet One, Compassion Passion and  Tender Heart

  • Finish: Power of Love Natural Lipstick has a satin matte finish, however it does not dry out lips. It glides on the lips like a balm, moisturizing them, but looks matte! The feeling of moisturized soft lips lingers all throughout the wear time.

    Me wearing Nudie Red
  • Pigmentation: It is very pigmented! There’s no need in layering it over and over, the color comes of pretty true to life (just like in a tube) on lips, which is amazing since it’s going to last you a long time! Also, no lip liner needed with this lipstick – seriously! Even if you’re into over-lining, you can do it with the lipstick itself ❤ Untitled
  • Longevity:  Lipstick is quite long wearing, not really like a liquid lipstick but it does last for good 5 hours or so. Also, it comes off beautifully, not patchy, not smudgy or anything – which is also a great plus!
  • Scent: This is probably the only downside for me – it has a subtle oily scent (like sunflower oil) which is not my favorite scent ever 😦 But it does tend to fade away within a few minutes after putting it on.

I really hope this review was helpful! Would love to see you around again!

Always, XOXO