Hello, my lovely readers! Welcome back to my blog ♥

Planning on filming an OMBRE LIPS tutorial for my Youtube Channel soon.

Meantime, thought I would share my favorite color combinations for this stunning lip makeup technique! Narrowed it down to 3 options:

1. Barbie pink + Nude pink 4f72f41fa26092481e186df514f3e759

This color combination is just GORGEOUS, eye-catching and delicious-looking! Adding the darker shade in the outer section of lips makes lips look fuller too.

2. Maroon + Black 


The most Stunning version of OMBRE LIPS (imho). Perfect for evening or special occasion makeup! These colors require a very precised lining, either with a similar color lip liner or application of lipstick with a thin brush.

3. Red + Gold


Amazing combination that is going to spice up any eye makeup look! Perfect for fall, basically screams its name. Will go just as great with gold in the outer section and red in the inner one!

P.S. Please share your favorite color combinations for OMBRE LIPS, would absolutely L♥VE to see them!

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