REVIEW: Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo


A new amazing drugstore product alert, my beauties ♥

Not Your Mother’s line caught my eye in my local Target a little while ago. It is quite affordable but has a whole range of various hair products. And of course I did decide to try it out because I use up my dry shampoo like nothing else! #LITERALLY 🙂 To have an even more affordable option is always a + !

I must say, it really exceeded my expectations! More than that – I do like it even more than the product I was using for years (quite a statement but so true)!

Full size: $5.99


It absorbs all the greasiness from the roots of your hair immediately making you hair look and feel very clean and fresh, not powdery whatsoever & what’s most important – no heaviness effect after using it, i.e. I really do not feel like there’s product in my hair.

It also smells really good (very fresh), nothing ‘too much’. A little goes a long way as well.

I highly do recommend this product & actually really am excited, since I’ve found a new favorite dry shampoo!

CLICK HERE for a video review!


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