NYX Dark Circle Concealer REVIEW

Hello, Beautiful!♥

Yet another new NYX Product review on my Blog!

Color correcting is something new to me. I was using brightening concealers on my under-eye area for quite a while now. It was working for me but my inner corners seemed “darker” than the rest of my face regardless. I have always wanted to try out products that would counteract blue under my eyes and in the inner corners.


DISCLAIMER: If you are experiencing problems with certain areas and feel like you do need some color correction – use products with the OPPOSITE shade to your ‘problem’ areas! In my case it’s blue – so I needed orange / peach product, if it’s red – green based products etc.

Referring to the color wheel is the easiest way to make the right choice!

NYX COSMETICS Dark Circle Concealer comes in a convenient pot with 0.1 oz. / 2.9 g of product. A little goes a very very long way. It retails for $6.00 and believe me it will serve you a long time ♥ I’ve been using mine every single time I wear makeup and it’s still almost full!

I find the best way to apply it is using your finger in patting motions, since your fingers have natural warmth to them which helps to deposit product in the desired spot and ‘lock’ it in there!

NYX Dark Circle Concealer in 02 Light

I am quite sure you are not going to regret buying it! So I highly recommend you trying it out if color correcting is what you’re looking for right now. My dark circles were gone in no time! Watch me using it in my latest VIDEO

It is affordable, it does work and it will last you a good amount of time!

You can check the shade range by CLICKING HERE 

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